Gradated from Shampoo Academy of Hair in 1995, after receiving her Cosmetology license she went on to obtain her Master Instructors License. She specializes in Health and Wellness of the Hair and Scalp. Her most prized possession is learning and teaching her "Diva Style" undetectable sew in technique to other Hair Stylist all around the world.

Renee has had a exciting, adventurous life traveling in various parts of the world as a Certified Chi (Farouk Systems) educator.

As head stylist and master instructor at Ron Kaye & Renee's, she has educated 3 apprentices as well as promote hair shows and seminars. Renee and her mother were instrumental in bringing one of the top internationally known celebrity stylist ( George Cooper) from Augusta, Ga. to Oklahoma City to present the best hair and fashion extraveganza of the century and much more is to come.